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Inverse chronological reports of changes
2012-04-06 LAB Valentin <vaab@free.fr>

* new: human display of bytes sizes.
* fix: MacOSX fixes (thanks Ned Konz)
* fix: Compatibility with 1.26 version of dd_rhelp

2008-04-24 LAB Valentin <vaab@free.fr>

* tackled EINVAL in place of EOF problem
* changed main algo to favor head dd_rescuing
* added integrity tests
* prevented double parsing of logcontent
* dd_rhelp.test uses a complete test bed, with new mock tests
* Release of 0.2.0

2007-09-04 LAB Valentin <vaab@free.fr>

* Smart checking of sane destination location for log file (avoiding disk
space problems, and writing to strange device filesystem as /dev/*.log).
* dynamicall max_err facility, to reduce the creation of too much
* Revamped some info displayed, should be more comprehensive.
* Release of 0.1.2

2007-06-25 LAB Valentin <vaab@free.fr>

* Fixed "tail" calls for obsolete "+X" argument.
* removed "./configure && make && make install" build process
* Release of 0.1.1

2004-06-02 LAB Valentin <vaab@free.fr>

* src/dd_rhelp-sh (main): fixed a bug, and removed "0d" caracters when
reading from log file...
* configure.in: Removed the configure detection of required
programs... Updated version to 0.0.5.
* TODO: Updated the TODO (removed some entries).

2004-01-12 LAB Valentin <vaab@free.fr>

* src/dd_rhelp-sh (main): Required programs (as bc, cat, head, tail,
wc... ) are now fetched at runtime.
* configure.in: Removed the configure detection of required
programs... Updated version to 0.0.4. Cleaned redundant code. Updated
Date to 2003 to 2004. Release of 0.0.4

2004-01-11 LAB Valentin <vaab@free.fr>

* src/dd_rhelp-sh (main): Small correction of comments. Cleaning of
code, and changed report output a bit to make clearer whether
dd_rhelp has found or not the EOF (End Of File). Release of 0.0.3

2003-11-25 LAB Valentin <vaab@free.fr>

* src/dd_rhelp-sh (main): Tons of bug fixes, hygienic modification, and
rewitring of lots of parts. More user friendly. Release of 0.0.2.

2003-06-15 LAB Valentin <vaab@free.fr>

* src/dd_rhelp-sh (main): All external programs were aliased "${prog}"
(show_bar): Added test for eof_limit=0 that generated divide error.
(get_next_pos): Corrected beginning comportement that was buggy
(main): Corrected test to do backwards dd_rescue. Working now.
(main): Sanity modifications...
(main): less confusing output when missing files are created.
(main): took away the local shell libs call and included its source in script.
(main): esthetic of output

* Makefile.am (dd_rhelp): Fixed a typo that prevented TODO file from being copied as comment.
(main): Modification to add direct compilation of dd_rescue.c
(main): Modification to add libcommon and libcolor ...

2003-06-14 LAB Valentin <vaab@free.fr>

* First packaged release. Alpha mode, not tested.

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